George’s story was unusual from the beginning. Friends from childhood, he was aware of my commitment to helping men through separation and divorce. George approached me after the tragic loss from cancer of his 38 year old daughter. That stress had shattered his marriage and his wife exited full of bitterness which she directed at George. Not long before his daughter died, his 34 year old son told him he had the same virulent leukemia which has killed his sister. Six months later George’s second child was dead. By this time, our work together included every forms of grief.
In a failed attempt to keep his remaining, much younger daughter from contracting the disease, the doctor’s employed ‘bleeding edge’ medical technologies which unintentionally lead to the demise of his 21 year old daughter. By that third funeral, George was still standing, but I crawled my way through it.
It’s now seven years later. George has used his story to inspire thousands. He gives me credit for being his major support system which is a truly great honor.