Allan is a scientist, turned tech marketer, from a preacher’s family who married early, at nineteen, in college.  Focused, driven, and gifted, he had three kids and a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics by twenty-seven.  Pretty quickly he realized that pure science wasn’t for him, he wanted to develop other skills as a marketer and entrepreneur.  With his background, tech marketing was a natural progression.

In a few more years he was part of a successful company, which he sold enabling him to explore many business and personal opportunities, move his family abroad for a summer and other adventures.  By the time we met, he was forty seven with a wife wanting out of their nearly thirty year marriage.

He was paralyzed  with pain, requiring us to work for months in preparation for the separation and creating a plan to break the news to thirteen year old twin girls and his sixteen year old daughter.

A year later when he was ready to enter the singles scene, I tried, unsuccessfully thus far, to get him to use this line with women, Hi, I am Allan.  I am a Quantum Physicist.  Wannamake some smart children?  My point of view is that if she doesn’t have a sense of humor find out early and move on to the next one.