Brock has a vision of himself as a hard case, which is far from the truth.  That protective shell is how he deals with fears which are a normal part of the human condition.  He is a very bright guy who’s worked for a high level international consulting group until several years ago when he went out on his own as an IT consultant….actually more management consultant – problem solver.  That decision was in large part because he wanted to position himself to get married and have a family.  He is thirty-eight, very athletic, and took up rowing at thirty-two.  In addition to consulting, he also enjoys being a rowing coach.  I like that he says when he was in Holland, nobody had ever imagined a brown rower.

He has a beautiful Dutch girlfriend.  Both she and Brock are trying to figure out, and clean up, parts of their lives from early on so they don’t drag unfinished business into a marriage and into parenting.  I also look forward to interacting with her when she comes to this country.  What a treat to get to work with a couple before their marriage falls apart.  I think their approach is very intelligent to try to head off problems before they develop.