Kids in the Process

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If you got lucky and you have a simple separation, that’s one without children, you’ll be free to focus your energy on following these steps I’ve laid out for you. Trust me, I’ve been through both; and the ones without [...]

Stages of Grief

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Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Far Down. Suicide is a case of mistaken identity. Sheldon Kopp It is truly frightening that as men we are much more successful at suicide than women. Don’t end up adding to that statistic. It [...]

First Steps after Separating – the Nitty Gritty

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Here are the out of the gate first steps. You must protect yourself immediately by gathering your financial records. You’ll find a check list of financial documents at the beginning of chapter seven: Legal. You can be assured your spouse [...]


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Oh Hell no! Not me! Sure I can read. I know that something like 43% of first marriages end in divorce. Forget all about that 60 something percent of second marriages do. That was never going to be us. And [...]

#1 Priority Is the Kids

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Children of divorce will far too often get the mistaken impression that they are somehow responsible for mom and dad splitting up. Watch for various forms of upset in your kids. Maybe they are sullen and spend more time in [...]

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