One of my clients said it so well, I quoted him directly in this post:

I realized in a Separation/Divorce Support Group facilitated by Coach Sherman Burns that I’d never really communicated with men, including my father, brother, and closest buddies. I had counted on women for emotional and spiritual support. Now I see that was only half the real equation of life; and since the main woman, my now former wife, was gone, I was up a creek without a paddle.

Before each of the support groups I feel a certain anxiousness, like starting on a trip and not knowing where I am going. But as we begin to talk and listen to each other, the anxiety fades away. Much of what is said describes feelings and experiences I have had. The conversation helps me realize I am not the only person in the world who has had these difficulties. I always leave with more than I came with – a new sense of hope, and I really enjoy new levels of communication with my brothers. I am making new friendships which I will hold onto after these groups. This makes me remember how much I enjoyed my buddyships in high school and college and how they were a great part of my life.

The groups have been one of the richest experiences of my life. I look forward to moving ahead as a whole, not half a person.