Stages of Grief

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Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Far Down. Suicide is a case of mistaken identity. Sheldon Kopp It is truly frightening that as men we are much more successful at suicide than women. Don’t end up adding to that statistic. It [...]

First Steps after Separating – the Nitty Gritty

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Here are the out of the gate first steps. You must protect yourself immediately by gathering your financial records. You’ll find a check list of financial documents at the beginning of chapter seven: Legal. You can be assured your spouse [...]

Breaking Up 101

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I was honored to have my accomplished friend, Joe Travaglini, write the following for the back cover of my new book: Duct Taped Heart.  I am including it in this blog because I think it will help you understand more [...]

At Least Consider the Statistics

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A thirty year old newlywed said to me: I really hope I don’t need this information (fromDuct Taped Heart and this blog), but I know plenty of guys who need it NOW, and I am glad it is out here. [...]

Pre Nup

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We live in an age of much more conscious relationships when we hope for the best, but more and more we realize lifelong learning is more than a cliché; therefore, it is very hard to know if we have matured [...]

Courage May Not Be What You Think

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Women make four times the suicide attempts as men, but men are four times as successful. Separation and divorce can really exacerbate the problem. Here are a few other reasons: We have more access to guns in our culture. We [...]

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