Facilitated Group Sessions

Facilitated Group Sessions are a natural progression once you get through a few individual sessions to continue the process of separation/divorce.  It is hard to describe, but all male groups are very powerful and helpful in just a few sessions.

Talks, Seminars, Webinars

Talks, Seminars, Webinars  to meet individual needs.  Of course, they can be put together for groups of men.  In addition, a carefully facilitated environment can be provided for both men and women   to give both genders the chance to see what the other side is thinking and feeling.

1 on 1 Coaching

You’ll get a free 30 minute consultation to see if you are comfortable.  Sessions will be 50 minutes each, usually to be scheduled weekly.  Sessions will address the nitty gritty of separation/divorce: business, legal, emotional, and children.

Before long we’ll be working on how to get you past the old relationship and start the process of moving on.  I’ve had many years to refine techniques to create an effective  method with a track record of helping guys through one of the very toughest times of their lives.

Sherman bills clients at $100 for a 50 min session.  He expects payment by Paypal at the time of the session.  You will receive a request for payment.
To get over initial hurdles to separation usually requires at least 6 sessions; therefore, Sherman offers a package deal of 6 sessions for $500, upfront.  At the completion of the first set of sessions, Sherman and the client will mutually decide whether to wrap up at that point or to continue.
Participation in groups is $50 a session.
Over the years I’ve said to my friend, Sherman, with your remarkable speaking and presentational skills, come on out to Hollywood. We could use you to do some acting.
Robert David Hall, Actor - Dr. Robbins, CSI Las Vegas
Sherman Burns is simply the best presenter to a group I have ever seen.
Al Nikles, Polygram - VP of Human Resources
In a culturally diverse world, whatever skin you find yourself in, when it’s all said and done what we all want is the best of what we call wisdom. We want to keep it in our hearts or even dare write it in our palms to remember. That is exactly what you get in an hour with Sherman Burns.
Juanita Coston, Psychologist and Cultural Inclusion Expert
Burns is not just another motivational or self-help guru. If you are looking for a way to change your life for the better, he’s your man.
Marion A. Ellis, Pulitizer Prize Winning Journalist & Author
Laugh, think, and even you macho dudes might squeeze out a tear or two of recognizing life at its most raw and powerful. Sherman gives all of that.
Debby Millhouse, President, CEO Inc., Executive Recruiting
Sherman is a charismatic, engaging and entertaining speaker. Insightful coach, able to connect with different generations and ethnic groups of professionals from Baby Boomers to Gen X’s and Gen Y’s. As a latino, I am very aware that is no easy task in today’s multiethnic business environment.
Natan Feldman, HRGroup - MultiCultural Trainer

DISCLAIMER: SHERMAN BURNS IS NOT A PSYCHOTHERAPIST OR PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR.  HE IS A SEPARATION/DIVORCE COACH FOR MEN who in the 1980’s was one of just a handful in the U.S. who began men’s consciousness raising which became known as the Men’s Movement.  He has worked closely with men to help them to move  through the most difficult areas of their lives ever since.